Ordering Hansel Online

Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoy my screencast on how to order Hansel online. What are you favorite things to order? Comment below and let me know, hope you all enjoy!



My Favorites

I am only a sophomore here at Rutgers, but I have eaten at many restaurants on Easton. The first three are my favorite places to go and grab a bite to eat, while the following the three are my favorites for satisfying my sweet tooth.


Grab a bite to eat

  1. Hansel & Griddle
  2. . Stuff Yer Face
  3. Sushi Room


  1. Cookie Rush
  2. Thomas Sweets
  3. Truly Yogurt


Ready, Set, Eat!

Hello everyone!

I am really happy I decided to make my blog about places to eat on Easton Avenue. I think this blog is relevant on a personal level because there are so many people who come and visit Rutgers and always ask, “What’s good here?” The thing is, that answer isn’t an easy one to give. There are so many places that people can eat at here on Easton, which is why I created this blog to showcase the restaurants available, ones I have eaten at, and what my favorite ones are!

If I had a dream job it would be to become a food critic and travel the world trying all different types of food. I have made it my personal mission to try a new restaurant every time I go out to eat; however, if my friends would like to eat at a restaurant I have already tried then I never EVER order the same food twice. Life is too short to experience the same flavors over.

One thing that sets my blog apart from other websites rating restaurants is that you don’t have ¬†access to the best restaurants all on the same street. You do not need to hunt down a place to eat from website to website and punch in directions on how to get there because they are all located on the same street.

I hope you all are as excited as I am when I ate that hot dog, featured below!

Last, but not least, welcome to my blog about Eating on Easton. I hope you find the reviews and restaurants you are looking for!